iMachining Saves Wuxi Turbine Blade Co. 60% in Cycle Time

SolidCAM’s engineer used iMachining 2D and decreased their roughing time from 30 minutes to 12 (60% faster) ...

iMachining success at Russian potential customer - 75% cycle time saving in Steel!

..they saw the short period it took me to program the part with iMachining and the great savings in cycle time on the CNC machine.

iMachining savings of 45 seconds made the difference needed for an existing customer to ultimately increase profit margins

...In the one roughing operation the part had, SolidCAM saved 70% in cycle time, which saved 7% of the overall machining time...

Nova Metal Saves 67% in CNC Cutting Time with SolidCAM's iMachining!

SolidCAM visited Nova Metal to demonstrate iMachining 2D on steel.

Kingdom Flow Control Co. Reports 50% Cycle Time Savings Using iMachining 3D + HSM vs. Competitor CAM …

SolidCAM recently visited Kingdom Flow Control Co., LTD., to demonstrate iMachining 3D + HSM. Kingdom was using a competitor CAM that needed...

Nordwig Werkzeugbau GmbH achieved a reduction in cycle time with iMachining of up to 80%

After evaluating the SolidCAM Trial version, Nordwig Werkzeugbau used iMachining to reduce their cycle times by 80%.

iMachining 3D Reduces Cycle Time for Workpieces in Aluminum by 40% & Stainless Steel by 77%

By using iMachining 3D, Bock and Klingenberg reduced milling times by 40% and 77%.

SolidCAM France replaced 2 Competitor CAM seats thanks to Partner/iMachining/Multiblade module

...thanks to iMachining, I got the full attention of the manager and they started to envisage to change their CAM System.

iMachining 3D Win in Aluminum Part

..They liked very much the processing technology of iMachining 3D. They also liked the ease and speed of programming the part and of course...

Special iMachining Story – great success at Carl Zeiss SMT the manager was deeply convinced to change his current CAM software.