iMachining win at El AL – 65% saving in cycle time in steel ..

..very impressed with the results, the speed of processing and the smooth cutting.

Greg Burns, Burns Machinery Inc. on SolidCAM & iMachining

SolidCAM & iMachining had the quickest return on Investment on anything of significance that I put money into in the last 10 years! What we...

Major cross upgrade of competitor CAM because of 80% saving in SolidCAM iMachining!!

...With the first iMachining cutting attempt, the tool was running very quiet and smooth in a safe process.

Amazing iMachining saving in steel at Australian customer - 70% in Cycle time!

Saving on one part is AU$3000 - Total savings across their entire product range is incredible!

iMachining Success at important Aircraft parts company

Show them iMachining live on their machine - cut one big Titanium part - result was really good. They make parts for Civilian & Military...

3D iMachining WIN in steel – 81% savings

Reduced cutting time from 146 min to 28 min! They were very impressed by the ease and speed of programming of the part..

The V8 Supercar team Triple Eight Racing praise SolidCAM iMachining

We use the new [SolidCAM®] iMachining® techniques for roughing now – full depth and full flute-contact cutting. I’m a big fan of this. It is...

Important saving in cutting magnesium part with SolidCAM iMachining vs Competitor CAM

Machining time reduced from 25 hrs in Competitor CAM to 16 hrs in SolidCAM iMachining..programming time also reduced by 1 hr

iMachining 3D | Exciting Statement of a SolidCAM iMachining customer!

..cutting now with iMachining-3D complex parts, with deep cutting contour and all kind of Materials.