Register for Our LIVE iMachining Cutting Webinar

> June 1st, 2016 — 3:00 pm (Eastern)

Get the most out of your CNC machine with SolidCAM’s iMachining, the revolution in machining that enables you to bid more competitively with greater profits:

  • Saves 70% and more in CNC machining time
  • Extends cutting tool life dramatically
  • The unique iMachining Technology Wizard provides optimal feeds & speeds by analyzing the toolpath as well as the stock, tool material and machine specifications

SolidCAM's CAM software, for all CNC applications, is seamlessly integrated in SOLIDWORKS with full toolpath associativity to the CAD model.  

Register now for our LIVE iMachining Cutting Webinar and watch us cut a part in real time, and learn how iMachining completely revolutionizes CNC machining. Trust us, you'll be amazed!

My hope is that not too many people learn about SolidCAM’s iMachining because it is my biggest competitive edge.”

Greg Burns  |  Burns Machinery

With iMachining I do everything faster. I used to be very conservative, but now I say ‘what the heck, let’s give it a go’!”

Curt Von Badinski  |  ViewFactor

Our programming time with iMachining came down 80%. That alone, I think, makes iMachining worth every penny.”

Sven Klatt  |  Vineburg Machining

I look forward to a long relationship with SolidCAM, to continue to push our machines to the best efficiency we can get."

Jon Wells  |  SAGE Cheshire Aerospace