iMachining Success at SolidCAM Customer - 78% Cycle Time Savings ...

  iMachining successes at Customers

Trials held at M/s Grace Infrastructure on November 18th, 2017.


Benchmark part: Clutch Plate
Total number of Settings: 1
Total number of Operations: 9

Material machined: H13 (35-38 Hrc)
Machine used: BFW-Gaurav- BMV- 35


Max RPM Max XY Feed Spindle Power Controller Material UTS
8000 10 m / min 5.5 kw Fanuc Oi-MD 950 mpa

Highlights of the cutting trial:

  1. Maximum depth of cut achieved on the machine in a single pass: 8 MM.
  2. Used only one 8mm endmill for complete component Roughing
  3. Earlier method 4-5 Qty 8mm End mill used
  4. Observed Increased Tool life up to 3-4 times compared to regular machining
  5. Average spindle load recorded during full depth cutting: 21 %

Results :

Earlier Cycle Time was: 20 hrs                            

iMachining Cycle time: 4hrs 13 min

Cycle time Saving: 78.91%