Get the Most Out of Your High-End Multi-Tasking Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type CNCs

SolidCAM is the perfect solution for your present or future multi-tasking machining needs, with the ultimate in programming flexibility and configurability.

  • Program Multi-Turret & Multi-Spindle operations, with full turret synchronization, then watch SolidCAM's simulation of your material being machined in multiple stages, transferring from spindle to spindle without user intervention - stock inserted at one end, complex finished parts exit the other.
  • SolidCAM provides powerful programming tools that are easy-to-learn and use, covering the full range of 4/5-Axis Simultaneous Mill Turn machines.
  • SolidCAM completely supports Swiss-Type Mill-Turn Machines including multi-channel synchronization.

Download our latest White Paper to read in depth how SolidCAM is the premier Swiss partner for your machine shop.

Advanced Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type Videos

Download the latest White Paper from SolidCAM

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