High Speed Surface Machining of Localized Surfaces

  • SolidCAM's HSS provides smooth and powerful machining of localized surface areas and undercuts, using standard as well as shaped tools.
  • HSS provides easy selection of surfaces to be machined, without the need to define boundaries.
  • HSS provides significantly increased surface quality.
  • HSS is an essential module for every machine shop to machine all types of parts.



Total Tool Control to Machine Only the Areas You Choose

  • HSS takes your 2.5D machining way beyond profiles, pockets and faces, providing a 3D machining capability by driving along specific surfaces on prismatic and 3D parts.
  • The HSS tool path works on single and multiple surfaces, creating a flowing tool path on a group of surfaces that make up a complex 3D radius (e.g. fillets).
  • Total tool control eliminates the need for constraint boundaries or time wasting construction geometry.
  • Use Tapered, Lollipop, or T-Slot tools for undercuts or difficult to cut geometry, all in one module.

Powerful Surface Machining Strategies for Smooth, Gouge-Free & Optimal Tool Paths to Finish Selected Surfaces

  • HSS provides numerous surface machining strategies, that produce an efficient, smooth, gouge-free and optimal toolpath to finish the selected surfaces.
  • HSS provides special tool path linking strategies, generating smooth and tangential lead-ins and lead-outs.
  • The linking moves between the tool paths can be controlled by the user to avoid holes and slots, without the need to modify the model’s surface.
  • Retracts can move along any major plane.

Undercut Machining

  • SolidCAM provides powerful strategies to machine undercuts in a model.
  • Slot Milling tool, Lollipop tool and  Dovetail cutters are supported in machining undercuts.
  • Complete gouge protection of the cutting area, leads, links, arbor and holder creates safe and efficient tool paths to machine undercut areas.

Advanced Gouge Control for Holder, Arbor & Tool

  • Complete Gouge Control is available for Holder, Arbor and Tool.
  • Multiple Adjoining Check Surfaces may be selected to create avoidance areas.
  • Several retract strategies are available.