SolidCAM's Turning Module

Program Your CNC Lathes For Fast & Efficient Turning

  • SolidCAM provides a comprehensive turning package with powerful toolpaths and techniques for fast and efficient turning.
  • SolidCAM produces advanced rough and finish profile turning, together with support for facinggroovingthreading and drilling.
  • SolidCAM turning supports the widest range of machine tools, including 2-Axis lathesmulti-channel configurationssub-spindle turning centers and even the most complicated Mill-Turn machines.
  • On your Multi-Spindle Turning Center, when a component is transferred from the main spindle to the sub spindle, the updated stock transfers with it. Any subsequent machining on the sub spindle will track the stock status as it left the main spindle, ultimately providing you with the most efficient machining sequence possible.
  • Standard Fixture Libraries are available and specialized fixtures can be added.
  • Keep the stock continuously updated live within the operations tree. Updated stock is supported from the most basic 2-Axis Turning Center, right through to a CYB multi-turret sub spindle Mill-Turn.

Advanced Operations Bring Power to All Your Turning Applications

  • Balanced Roughing: Allows you to use two tools to work simultaneously, or in trailing mode, performing Roughing and Turning of long or large parts.
  • Angled Grooving: Enables you to perform internal or external inclined grooves, at any defined angle.
  • Manual Turning: Gives you the power to perform Turning according to your own geometry, regardless of stock model or target model.
  • 4th-Axis Sim. Turning: Enables you to perform machining of a curved profile using B-axis tilting capabilities of your tool. This operation is useful for machining of undercut areas in a single machining step, and supports External Rough Tools and External Groove Tools.
  • Multi-Turret Synchronization: SolidCAM provides powerful tools to synchronize your Multiple Turret machines. A machining time line, with all operations and simple commands, enables you to align operations that will be synchronized. Afterwards, you can see the result of synchronization in the Machine Simulation.

Trochoidal Tool Path in Grooving

Trochoidal movements of round grooving tool in Turning.

Negative X-Output

Get a (-X) cutting tool path with start/end points in (+X).