SolidCAM CNC Technology Centers

The Perfect Place to Demonstrate the Power of SolidCAM Software with Live Cutting

SolidCAM Inc. Technology Centers

Newtown, Pennsylvania:

Our main Technology Center in the US is located outside of Philadelphia at our SolidCAM Inc. Headquarters in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

A Haas ST-20 CNC machine is used to demonstrate the power of our Milling modules, enabling us to show customers all of the benefits of our revolutionary iMachining, HSS, HSM, and more, in a shop floor environment.

A classroom setting for our customers is located right next to the machine for practical training.

Ball Ground, Georgia:

Our other US Technology Center is located outside of Atlanta at our Ball Ground, Georgia office.

A HURCO VMX30UHSi CNC machine is used for our LIVE iMachining Webinars, and also to demonstrate our CAM solutions for our customers. This facility has a classroom setting located next to the machine for training.

SolidCAM GmbH Technology Center in Schramberg, Germany

Our main technology center for the EU is located at the SolidCAM GmbH office in Schramberg, Germany. All Milling, Turning and Mill-Turn technologies are intensively checked and demonstrated on our latest CNC machines:

  •     Hermle C30 5-Axis CNC Machine
  •     DMG NTX 1000 Mill-Turn Machine with Upper B-Axis, Lower Turret, and Sub-Spindle

Our leading technologies, including the revolutionary iMachining, Simultaneous 5-Axis and advanced Mill-Turn, are tested with Customers parts and fixtures.

We have a complete studio setup to broadcast LIVE cutting through a video stream directly on your screen, during our SolidCAM and iMachining webinars and worldwide events. Our Customers and Resellers, as well as participants of our training and education classes, benefit from this practical experience. Our Technology Center's motto: Faster from the CAD model to the finished workpiece.

Pictures of the Technology Center Germany

Impressions of the Technology Center in Germany

SolidCAM GmbH Technology Center

SolidCAM GmbH Technology Center

SolidCAM UK Technology Center

Dodworth, Barnsley

SolidCAM UK’s Technology Centre was opened in-line with our ever-growing consumer demand and to stay ahead in a competitive and fast-moving market. The centre provides additional dedicated support and training to our customers by providing wider geographical options for venues, and also provides a more practical classroom experience.

The Technology Centre provides:

  • The perfect place for testing for our latest technologies
  • Live cutting seminars
  • Live cutting webinars
  • Practical Training
  • The perfect place for Special Projects

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Register for our LIVE iMachining Cutting Webinars to see the power of iMachining 2D & 3D, as well as our Advanced Mill-Turn.

Perfect Testing Ground for Our Latest Technologies

Our latest technologies are tested and proven out, in-house, at our worldwide technology centers.

Customers also benefit from practical CNC machining and software training, simultaneously at the same location.