iMachining: An Unbeatable Advantage for ...

Incredible Impact on Machine Shop Processes

  • iMachining 2D & 3D revolutionizes and optimally streamlines, your manufacturing process, workshop and business.
  • iMachining's value has immediate impact on the shop floor with drastic cycle time reduction for faster product delivery, while greatly increasing tool life to extend your operating budget.

  • Dramatically increase shop output with existing assets (programmers and operators) - even skip costly machine tool upgrades and new CNC purchases. Many planned purchases of new machines have been cancelled by happy iMachining owners
  • The Technology-Wizard provides optimal Feeds & Speeds, step-down and step-over to ensure time-saving first-part success, while much shorter and simpler programming procedure results in greatly increased programming productivity.
  • The Technolgy Wizard is the perfect tool for even the most seasoned machinist for getting it perfectly dialed in, the first time - or for the less experienced machinist, iMachining will turn them into an expert in no time.
  • iMachining simulation enables faster, more dependable/reliable quotes at lower cost, often shortening RFQ turnaround time by 50-70%.

Incredible Impact on Your Bottom Line

  • Greatly reduces tooling and machining costs by 40-60% and more.
  • Reduced Machine Wear eliminates a large percentage of machine down time, reduces machine maintenance costs and extends machine life.
  • Dramatically reduces shop floor overhead.
  • Increase workshop output, without additional investment and without increasing your expenses.

iMachining has one of the fastest ROIs of any purchase you'll make for your shop.

Unbeatable Advantage for the CNC Programmer

  • Shortest programming time in the industry.
  • Simpler machining process with fewer operations and tools per part.
  • Extremely short learning curve with multiple on-line training resources available.
  • Patented Technology Wizard takes the guesswork out of Feeds & Speeds, step over and step downs, guaranteeing first part success every time.
  • Less need for different tool sizes per part.
  • iMachining uses the full length of tool cutting (e.g. 70 mm depth of cut with 16 mm diameter tool, in tool-steel), and easily cuts even the toughest metals with the smallest diameter tools.

Unbeatable Advantage for the Production Manager

  • Dramatically reduced cycle times means far more production from your existing machines.
  • Part programming time for a small to medium complexity part is greatly reduced allowing you to be faster to the cut and lessening the back-log of parts to be programmed.
  • Fewer tools to setup per part and much longer tool life result in a smaller tool inventory and less likelihood of a shortage of specific tools (less work flow holdups).
  • Reduced need for large diameter tools (larger than ¾" or 20 mm) as the 16 mm diameter Material Removal Rate (MRR) is almost the same as 20 mm in iMachining, while very high (MRR) with small diameter tools at large depths of cut minimizes rest-material operations, EDM operations and tools used.
  • No need for expensive/specialized machines to cut tough materials.
  • Technology Wizard instantly sets all optimum cutting condition parameters (including Spindle RPM, Feeds & Speeds, step over and step downs) to match part geometry, material, machine and cutting tool capability to ensure first part success.
  • Improved surface finish combined with greatly reduced distortion of the part during the cut, results in far less secondary operations to achieve part accuracy.
  • Extremely short learning curve greatly eliminates employee training downtime.

Trial Download

When compared to any other CAM system to mill a part, SolidCAM's iMachining wins any benchmark in ease-of-use, programming time, cycle time and tool life.

Try iMachining on your part and your machine by downloading our trial version.