Amazingly Fast GibbsCAM Replacement

  Customer feedback

SolidCAM received a call from a potential customer asking for detailed info and pricing.

Currently, the prospect has 3 CNC machines in his shop and said he needs a CAM solution for all of them:

  • Mazak Mill-Turn Machine
  • HAAS Milling 4 Axis Machine
  • Turning LER 2 Axis Machine

The prospect stated he has 21 years of experience in CAM software and has worked with CATIA in the past. At the time, he was using GibbsCAM and was not satisfied. 

We provided him with info about SolidCAM's high-end functionality, and its full range of SolidCAM solutions for, Milling, Turning and Mill-Turn. We also emphasized SolidCAM's ease of use and seamless integration in SOLIDWORKS.

Additionally, we assured him that we would be there to assist him with our powerful technical support, during his year-long subscription. Once he purchases the software - we install it, provide training courses and help, if needed, with the first parts he cuts. We then sent him a written price offer, including a 1st-year subscription – as we do with all new customers.

Once he got the offer, he asked for an evaluation period.

We explained that since we arrive on-site to install the software, install post processors, and provide him with training, we do not offer evaluations. In fact, an evaluation wouldn't be necessary because once he starts using SolidCAM, he won't want to stop! Furthermore, we assured him we would provide our best support and service and said we would be there for him all subscription year long, so there is no need for an evaluation period.

The prospect then asked how much it would cost to add iMachining. Adding iMachining would push him over his current budget, so we gave him an iMachining evaluation, which helped close the deal! Finally, we decided on an install date for later in the week.

When a potential CAM customer has heard of SolidCAM and iMachining and is unhappy with his current CAM, it is quite straightforward to convince him to change to SolidCAM!