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At the Euromold 2011 exhibition, SolidCAM will show its impressive,

revolutionary iMachining module live, in its world premiere 3D version.

(Euromold 2011) After the impressive live cutting presentations of the revolutionary and innovative iMachining CAM module for 2.5D machining at the EMO 2011 exhibition, SolidCAM will present at Euromold 2011 in Frankfurt, at booth F20, Hall 11, the world premiere of the new advanced iMachining 3D module. Same as at EMO in Hannover, the power of iMachining will be shown at the SolidCAM booth in Euromold, through hourly live cutting presentations, using an OKUMA MB-46. 

The exclusive iMachining module by SolidCAM reduces cutting cycle times by up to 70%, while extending significantly the tool life, especially in hard materials. 

The new iMachining 3D module provides tool and mold makers with the superior cutting of iMachining 2.5D, but on 3D parts and surfaces. Following with the iMachining traditional optimized toolpath and shortest cycle time, iMachining 3D employs an industry first, scallop-based roughing of 3D parts. iMachining's scallop-based roughing automatically creates toolpath that leaves a constant surface offset, regardless of the model. This results in drastically shorter toolpaths for 3D parts and also allows for faster machining during semi-finish and finish toolpaths, since the entire model is roughed to a constant surface offset. 

Using its unique Technology Wizard, iMachining is the only system that automatically works out the most suitable cutting conditions for the job at hand, taking account of the material, tool, geometry and machine properties. 

SolidCAM iMachining differs from other CAM systems both by the method of programming as well as the mathematical algorithms to calculate the toolpath. iMachining uses an advanced, morphing spiral that approximates the shape of the geometry being cut. While other systems generate the toolpaths by keeping the cutting angle of the tool with the material constant, iMachining uses a minimum and a maximum cutting angle, defined by the Wizard as constraints, and generates its toolpaths in conjunction with matching feeds and speeds, such that the mechanical and thermal loads on the tool remain constant, a feature that facilitates deeper cuts at higher feeds than other systems. 

This results in significantly higher metal removal rates, with significantly reduced load on tools and machines. The automatic control of all process parameters makes it possible to machine the toughest materials efficiently. 

iMachining is a never ending profitable experience for every user. Jay Dixon, MD - Dixons Surgical Instruments Ltd, UK says: "We have found all the claims for iMachining to hold true for our applications in Dixons Surgical - incredible tool life, faster cycle times, lighter cutting loads reducing vibration in poor workholding situations (mill-turn), and protection of small diameter cutters. The user interface is very clear and simple, and programming iMachining is faster than traditional strategies."

Impressive cutting videos of iMachining and exciting customer feedback can be found at and at the Internet platforms (YouTube, Facebook). 

Summary: The patent-pending iMachining of SolidCAM ... 

  • Reduces cycle time by up to 70% 
  • Extends tool life by 2 - 3 times longer 
  • Improves productivity 
  • Protects the CNC machine
  • Cuts all materials, from aluminum to titanium, optimally 
  • Provides outstanding small tool performance 
  • Supports 4-axis and Mill-Turn 
  • Provides short learning curve and ease of use 
  • Improves productivity for NC programming
SolidCAM CAM software 3D iMachining
Bottom to Top: iMachining 3D toolpath is cutting with a large step down and then working upward in a Scallop-based Step-Up toolpath, to optimally cut the remaining material, in the shortest cycle time possible.
Constant scallop: iMachining 3D toolpath, with Scallop-based roughing, provides a constant scallop across the entire model.
iChips: iMachining produces the perfect iChip - perfect chips means consistent results, superior metal removal rates and longer tool life.