Automatic Feature Recognition & Machining

Advanced Pocket Recognition

SolidCAM AFRM sets the new standards. Instead of machining each individual pocket in a separate operation, all pockets, no matter whether they are open, closed, blind or through Pockets, are being identified with their corresponding depth and Z-level and machined in one operation. Full fixture protection in Pocket, Pocket recognition and 2D drilling allows you to machine your parts while protecting your fixtures.

& Deburring

SolidCAM automatically recognizes all sharp edges where a chamfer can be applied. The user only sets the depth of the chamfer, the cutting diameter of the tool and a safety offset. SolidCAM’s chamfer recognition automatically avoids vertical walls and machines as much as possible, while protecting the part from collisions with the shank.

Drill Recognition

SolidCAM automatically identifies all drills on the solid model and generates the necessary CNC operations.

  • To select the drills to be machined, powerful filter tools such as diameter, Z-level or drill depth are available
  • Spot drills can be generated on all drill positions where the depth relates to the diameter of the drill tool being used
SolidCAM’s Hole Wizard, with Drag & Drop Machine Processes

SolidCAM’s Hole Wizard, with Drag N Drop Machine Processes optimizes the task of programming multiple operation for complex holes.

  • All holes in the CAD feature, including subordinate patterns are recognized.
  • All Geometry and Dimensional parameters of the CAD Feature are available
  • for use in the machining process.
  • Complex logic including conditional equations provides greater flexibility.
  • Simple, Counter Sunk, Counter Bored & Tapped hole sets are programmed in a mouse click.

Trial Download

When compared to any other CAM system to mill a part, SolidCAM's iMachining wins any benchmark in ease-of-use, programming time, cycle time and tool life.

Try iMachining on your part and your machine by downloading our trial version.