Time savings with iMachining and the wide variety of CAM modules in SolidCAM helped to meet customer’s production requirements

  iMachining successes at Customers

CAM SYSTEMS, SolidCAM Reseller in Russia, visited Research and Production Company Sistema (http://tversystema.ru), located in Tver’ city (200 km to the north of Moscow).

The Company has a large variety of CNC machines and needed CAM software which supports all types of CNC machines and has the latest technologies to achieve highest production rates.

CAM SYSTEMS demonstrated the wide facilities of SolidCAM, in support of machines with complex architecture, and tested iMachining technology on a customer part and machine tool.

CNC Machine: Horizontal Machining Center DAHLIH MCH-800 with 18.5 kW Spindle Power 
Material: constructional steel (C45, Gv=650 mPa)
Depth of Cut: 23.5 mm
Tool: End Mill | Diameter 16 | Guhring

Previous Cutting Time: 14 minutes

iMachining Cutting Parameters: Level 4
iMachining Cutting Time: 6 minutes 

iMachining Savings: 57% Cycle Time Reduction

Consequently, SolidCAM helped to improve the result significantly and Company Sistema joined SolidCAM customers.