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Moldes RP Upgraded to SolidCAM & Increased Efficiency Tremendously

Moldes RP specializes in the production of plastic injection molds, having accurate technical requirements, providing several business sectors. The company was founded in 1990 by its owner, Mr. Rui Pinho.

“Since the beginning, Moldes RP saw the benefits of using SolidCAM for the programming of CNC Machines. Starting with extremely efficient roughing and smooth machine movements, which lead to an effective increase of tool life, in addition to excellent finish strategies, the improvements were very noticeable. There was an increase in surface quality, resulting in the reduction of manual work during assembly of molds”.

SolidCAM Reduces Production Times for Mold Production in JKZ Bučovice

Efficient CAD/CAM programming for ambitious 5X machining

JKZ Bučovice is among the largest service centres focusing on deliveries of tool and special types of steel. The three-shift operation of the company has about 110 employees. 

For production preparation, JKZ Bučovice uses SolidCAM and SolidWorks which was purchased 10 years ago through SolidVision, SolidCAM's reseller in the Czech Republic.

In collaboration with SolidVision, all CNC machines in the company’s production had post-processors created and fine-tuned for them according to specific needs of individual machines and programmers. 

JKZ's experts can say in confidence that SolidCAM's CAD/CAM Solution is cost-effective. The invested capital used to purchase the SolidCAM CAD/CAM solution turned out to be extremely effective in terms of accelerating the manufacturing process, reducing programming times and downsizing scrap rate

Claddings for harvesting machines, roof structures for buses, panels for sunbeds - only a few companies can manufacture such large-size plastic parts from polyurethane as is the case with PESTEL PUR-Kunststofftechnik GmbH & Co. KG from Chemnitz. The company was founded in 1990 by Ulf-Peter Pestel directly after German reunification. It has 50 employees on premises of 10,000 m² and it produces components with a shot weight of up to 100 kg and a surface of up to 4.00 m x 2.00 m. 

...After only 2 days during the testing phase, SolidCAM was the clear favorite. The CAM software was seamlessly integrated into Solidworks, fulfilled its function and exceeded all demands placed on it.

Mold-making manager Michael Legler reminisces: “Of course there are special solutions for a variety of applications. But for the individual and small-batch production of molding tools and machine components, SolidCAM is ideal.” Meanwhile, the CAM programmers at PESTEL PUR productively use all available 2D, 3D and 5-axis milling modules from SolidCAM except the 5-axis module for tube milling and impeller milling which are not required.

Integrated Process Chain — The Winning Edge

Producing foaming molds faster with SolidWorks and SolidCAM

Since its foundation in 1994, Lambeck + Kersten GmbH has been making molds for packaging, carriers and functional parts made of styrofoam and other plastics. While every mold is unique, customers still expect quick time-to-market, in addition to problem-solving capabilities and high quality. With the integrated process chain, consisting of SolidWorks, SolidCAM and various CNC machining centers, production of up to five foaming molds per month is now the standard.

SolidCAM Trims 5-Axis Parts at Big Bear Plastic Products Ltd.

Vacuum forming specialist Big Bear Plastic Products Ltd, based in Droitwich, UK has achieved an enviable position, supplying to a diverse range of markets from Leisure to Aerospace.

The company is able to offer consultancy and design services along with manufacture and supply, assisting customers from concept to components including tooling and material selection, while not forgetting the incorporation of customer specific supply chain requirements.
The company’s growth rate, coupled with the target of reducing project lead times, led Big Bear to invest in a CAM system that integrates with its current CAD solution - SolidWorks.

Panoramic Inc. Cuts Lead Times by 45%

SolidCAM gives packager the benefits of High Speed Machining

Panoramic, Inc. began nearly 130 years ago as the Janesville Paper Box Company housed in a brick factory in the fields of southern Wisconsin, United States. Today, the company occupies a modern 100,000 square-foot facility, but its output is far from boxy. Panoramic, Inc. now specializes in custom-designed clear plastic 3D packaging – from clamshells that display razors and cell phones to domes that show off bakery confections.

Joszko Models: From Idea to Product

How a Polish patternmaker prepares for the future

Today, computer aided design, animation and simulation plays an increasingly important role for designing better products. However, in order to really test the final design, engineers need to produce concept models and functional test parts quickly and inexpensively. In the last years, new Rapid Prototyping technologies like 3D printers helped to speed up this process. 3D Printers create physical models directly from 3D files utilizing High performance composites or elastomeric material.