BIOLINE Purchases SolidCAM Swiss-Type


BIOLINE struggled with Swiss-Type after using two different CAM software companies. Then they turned to SolidCAM for a demonstration after hearing about their Swiss-Type solutions, and finally found the success they were looking for.

One of Israel's leading dental implant companies is BIOLINE. The company has a variety of Swiss-Type CNC machines, including NEXTURN and HANAWA.

CAM software is undoubtedly a necessary need for programming of complex and accurate dental implants. To this end, the company previously purchased the GIBBSCAM software, followed by ESPRIT but the implementation of the two softwares failed because of many reasons, including the lack of good support from the Resellers. The factory's Programmers were unable to program with them and returned to manual programming, without the ability to simulate and verify the toolpath before the production phase.

BIOLINE, invited SolidCAM for a demonstration  after hearing about their solution for Swiss-Type. Since they had a bad experience with the two competitor softwares, they set the development of the postprocessors, the machine simulations and the manufacture of one of their dental implants as a necessary condition for the purchase. Indeed, this is what actually happened and the company owner decided to purchase the SolidCAM package and begin the process of assimilating the product at the factory.

Today, two months after the purchase, the posts and machine simulations for the various controls are ready, and the factory is manufacturing all new parts with the Swiss-Type module of SolidCAM.