Lev Dies Ltd. Chooses SolidCAM


Lev Dies Ltd., one of the leading metal manufacturing companies in Israel, chooses SolidCAM for their Advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type applications, even switching from Mastercam to SolidCAM for their 5-Axis machines to create uniformity in the company’s programming.

Lev Dies Ltd. is one of the leading metal manufacturing companies in Israel. The company offers its customers a comprehensive service in a wide range of metal processing technologies, using the most advanced and cutting-edge equipment.  The company has CNC machines up to 5 axes, Advanced Mill-Turn, as well as Swiss-Type Mill-Turn machines.

For many years the company used Mastercam CAM software, mainly for milling, but were unable to implement Mastercam to meet their needs for Mill-Turn and especially for Swiss-Type machines. Up to now they have been manually and parametrically programming their Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type CNC machines, which took a great amount time and set-up, since most parts are in small batches or are individual complex parts.

A few years ago, the company purchased the PartMaker software in the hopes that it would give them the answer to this problematic issue at the plant.  However, integrating the software at the plant was a failure, especially in regard to machine fit and local support.

Lev Dies’ CEO attended a SolidCAM customer conference held at the Exhibition Gardens in November 2019, and was exposed to the easy-to-use and efficient solution SolidCAM provides for Swiss-Type machines.  After a convincing demonstration by SolidCAM at the plant, Lev Dies decided to purchase one seat of SolidCAM to program their Star and TORNOS GAMMA Swiss-Type machines.

SolidCAM’s strong Swiss-Type functionality and full integration with SOLIDWORKS were key factors in Lev Dies’ decision to implement the software.  They were also very impressed with SolidCAM’s ease-of-use and excellent machine simulation that saves them valuable set-up time.  Plus, with SolidCAM Support being locally available, the decision was an easy one to make.

Additionally, in order to create uniformity in the company’s programming, Lev Dies purchased a second seat of SolidCAM for their 5-Axis milling needs, despite their satisfaction with Mastercam in this area.