MicroPoint Pro Chooses SolidCAM as Their Swiss-Type CAM Partner

  Customer feedback

MicroPoint Pro (mpptools.com) manufactures special machines to create electronics chips for computing and the cellular field. The parts produced in the CNC department are small and require a variety of CNC machines such as: Milling up to 5 axes, Lathes, Wire-Cut, Grinders, and more.

For design, the company uses SOLIDWORKS. So, it's natural that they chose SolidCAM as their  CAM solution in 2010.

Recently, the company decided to enter the new field of Swiss-Type to manufacture small parts in large quantities, eliminating the need to outsource these parts to subcontractors, as was done before.

Micro Point purchased a new Wivia V268 Swiss-type machine. For a Swiss CAM solution, they obviously contacted us, as their longtime reliable SolidCAM partner, and also contacted Cimatron for their GibbsCAM solution.

GibbsCAM's software was demonstrated first. Micro Point's main impression from the GibbsCAM demo was slander and putting down the SolidCAM's Swiss solution, which had the complete opposite effect GibbsCAM desired.

In the SolidCAM demonstration, which took place at Micro Point's factory, we presented a perfect Swiss CAM solution and said nothing about the competing software. Instead, we simply emphasized the amazing advantages of our SolidCAM Swiss-Type solution, its seamless integration and associativity to SOLIDWORKS and its remarkable success worldwide.

A customer unfamiliar with Swiss-Type technology cannot work with a CAM solution that is only good up to 80-90%, with the rest of the work needed to be done, by manually editing the Gcode. A Swiss CAM solution must be 100%, including Multi-Channel Synchronization, Simulation, and a perfect Gcode program.

Micro Point obviously chose SolidCAM, immediately after the demonstration. Important conclusions to be deduced from the above process are as follows:

  1. 100% complete CAM solution is a MUST for real support of Swiss-Type CNCs.
  2. Indiscriminate lack of appreciation for competing software is seen as non-objective, unreliable slander and can create the complete opposite effect.
  3. When a veteran SolidCAM customer, who is happy with our Milling, Turning, and Mill-Turn solutions, including our seamless integration and associativity to SOLIDWORKS, as well as with our technical and postprocessor support, decides to introduce Swiss CNC machines into his shop, SolidCAM is the natural, perfect partner to provide him with the absolute best Swiss CAM solution.

This scenario of our existing SolidCAM customers adding Swiss CNC machines, to enhance their manufacturing capabilities, is happening worldwide at an increasing rate. SolidCAM's Swiss-Type CAM solution is obviously the absolute best solution for them!