SolidCAM World 2022 Reseller Conference | Oct 25-26, 2022

Getting the Taste of Actual Real Interaction with You All ...

After the long VIRTUAL period since Feb 2020, we decided to launch SolidCAM World 2022 Reseller Conference in Tel Aviv on Oct 25-26!

The event will be held at the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel on the Mediterranean beach.

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On October 27 there will be a trip for all attendees to historic Jerusalem.


For your convenience, below you will find a list of hotels in the vicinity of the Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel where the conference will be held, as well as three hotels in Ramat Gan, a part of greater Tel Aviv.

This is the most requested season for these hotels, so we recommend that you book very soon your hotel preferences.

Since the conference will be held on October 25-26, and we will have the Jerusalem visit the day after, the dates you book should be October 24-27.

Of course, you can book your stay in other hotels of your choice, but please do so with the same urgency.

Hotels in Ramat Gan

Lower Cost Due to Location (15-20 min by Taxi)