Norwegian company Grodås Mønsterteknologi succeeds with an innovative manufacturing solution

Grodås Mønsterteknologi, the specialists in woodmanufacturing, have been founded by Oddvin and Anne-Lise Haugen in the year 1983 in Hornindal, Norway. The company started in the basement of the Haugen family with the production of carved dining room furniture in birch wood. With increased competence and experience in the automation of the furniture production, the company began also to explore other manufacturing opportunities and industries. Soon after, the company realized an important bottleneck of its CAD/CAM process - the missing seamless integration between CAD and CAM.


Building the Future with SolidCAM & SOLIDWORKS

The ARTECO Wood Technology Center d.o.o.,, has been established in January 2009 in Tešanj, a small town in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This country, on he Balkan Peninsula in South-East Europe, suffered heavily from the war in the 1990´s. As a result, the Bosnian economy needed to be rebuilt and also reformed due its formerly centrally planned economy. As 46 % of the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina is covered by forests, there exists in principle a good base for a timber and woodworking industry. However, due to the old-fashioned technology and the lack of qualified personnel of the wood manufacturing industry, the majority of the wood has been exported in the past as raw material. ARTECO is bound to change this.

SolidCAM+SOLIDWORKS Increase Efficiency in Wood Manufacturing