Benefits of 3D Printing

  • 3Dprint near-net geometry, with post-processing by CNC machining
  • 3Dprint complex model geometry, at no additional cost, vs simpler geometry
  • 3Dprint impossible to machine geometry (Internal passages, undercuts, etc.)

Desktop Metal Shop system, amazing Binder Jetting 3Dprinting Technology ...

  • …Brings metal 3D printing to machine shops
  • …Built to fit seamlessly into the machine shop workflow
  • …Extremely fast batch 3Dprinting
  • …Cost effective 3Dprinting of metal parts
  • …Achieves high-resolution 3Dprinted parts, at a fraction of the cost of laser-based Additive systems
  • …Produces parts with superior surface finish and resolution, versus laser-based 3D printing systems
  • …Fully dense and stress-free parts
  • …Easy-to-use and operate technology, with amazing in-built software support capabilities

SolidCAM Additive - Upgrade Your Manufacturing!

  • SolidCAM Additive adds 3D Metal Printing into your manufacturing process.
  • Desktop Metal Studio 2 system produces functional prototypes, as well as rapid tooling for small batch sizes.
  • Desktop Metal Shop system utilizes extremely fast Binder-Jet technology for mass production of Metal 3Dprinted parts.
  • Our extensive machining knowledge will help guide the entire process from Design to 3Dprinting, and to CNC Machining.
  • Contact us today to learn more and upgrade your manufacturing!

DM Studio System™

Production of functional prototypes as well as rapid tooling for small batch sizes.

DM Shop System™

Scalable, cost-effective solution for medium-volume end-uses (approx. 10,000 pcs.)

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