Swiss-Type Machining

Easy Programming for Complex Multiple Turret and Multiple Spindle Swiss-type CNC Machines

Swiss-Type Solution

Easy-to-use. Intuitive. Proven.

Swiss-type CNC turning centers provide a cost-effective way to manufacture small, complex, and precision parts, by feeding the stock through a guide bushing and cutting it with linear or revolver-sorted cutting tools, in a single setup.

Today, production series on Swiss-type machines are shorter, machines are more complex, risky, and definitely unproductive to program manually on the controller.

Driven by the already-proven concept of Advanced Mill-Turn, SolidCAM developed a set of advanced features to deliver best-in-class Swiss-Type Solutions, enabling you to do offline part programming, optimization, tool-path simulation, and verification, directly inside your SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor environment. You program setup, milling and turning operations on main and back spindles, and synchronize them inside an intuitive Channel Synchronization Manager.

A wide pallet of Turning and C-, Y- and B-axis Milling operations, including the unique and patented iMachining technology, available only from SolidCAM, ensures that every part can be optimally machined.

Machine ability, kinematics, and know-how are stored in a certified post-processor customized for your needs. SolidCAM supports all common Swiss-Type machine and controller brands on the market – there are no limits on the number of axes or channels.

ToolKit – Limitless Tool Manager

The best tool manager in the CAM industry allows to load, assemble and manage Tools and cutting conditions and guarantees a fast tool configuration switching supported by a virtual machine environment (Machine Preview) and user-friendly interface, eliminating the error of tool setup.

Any tool components, including small and custom shaped inserts can be directly imported as CAD data from the tool manufacturer's online catalog. The ToolKit supports any type of Face, Axial, Angular, and Multi-Cutter holders.

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Program. Simulate. Manufacture!

The endless capabilities in Milling and Turning

Milling and Turning operations give complete control over the X-axis output (positive or negative), avoiding potential collisions of neighbor tools, with CNC machine components.

Polar Coordinate Interpolations cycles (radial or face) are fully supported.

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Machine Control Operation: MCO

With MCOs you can define machine actions that are not tool-path oriented (e.g. turrets and spindles movements, open/close chucks, coolants, etc.).

Swiss-Type post-processors are equipped with already-prepared standard MCO cycles, that saves time for your part programming. Cycles consist of parameters that require minimum user input, for making necessary machine actions. With the MCOs you can program:

  • Bar safety retract
  • Bar pre-position for cut-off
  • Change tool
  • Part Pick-Up with Back Spindle
  • Perform re-clamp for long part machining
  • Program bar feeder
  • Control coolants
  • Part ejects
  • Axes, spindle and phase synchronization
  • Output any G/M command
  • Any custom action

Machine Simulation

Simulate and visually prove out the tool-path in SolidCAM's Machine Simulation before actually machining. This Software provides full collision detection between machine components, workpieces, fixtures, tools, and holders.

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Synchronize. Optimize. Maximize Productivity.

SolidCAM's easy-to-use Channel Synchronization Manager guides you through the order of operations, shows clashes and assist you to avoid them. It is perfect for synchronizing and optimizing all your machining processes for maximum production output. SolidCAM can control unlimited number of channels, exchange axes within channels, supports machining patterns and cutting modes.

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The Channel Synchronization's clash avoidance feature disables the generation of G-code or simulation if there is any clash issue in the defined synchronization. If the feature is active, it will mark operations that require an action, guiding you with pointed arrows and helpful comments. The system knows the controller logic and checks the possibilities of the synchronization, taking into account the machine kinematics, axes sharing, and synchronization wait-marks rules.

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SolidCAM supports three different superimposition modes. Axes can be superimposed onto other axes, where the slave axis follows the master axis.

For applicable Swiss-Type machines, SolidCAM will automatically detect this mode.

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Reduce machining time and stablize the part machining by using Sharing Axes and Drive Unit features. Synchronize two turning operations on different turrets at the same time, and under specific conditions, turning at the same spindle, or synchronize two milling operations on different turrets, using the same rotary axis.

Speed Up Your Complex CNC Machines