What's New in SolidCAM 2019?

SolidCAM 2019 brings new functionality in all SolidCAM Modules:

  • An All New SolidCAM Simulator
  • Customization of Menus in CAM Manager
  • iMachining 2D Feature Recognition Technology
  • STL Holder Protection & Limit Step-Up in iMachining 3D
  • Multi-depth Drilling & Multiaxis Constant Stepover Operations
  • New Tools Support for Sim. 5-Axis and HSS Operations
  • Enhancements in Several 2.5D Milling Operations
  • Updated Stock Options and Improvements
  • Facet Model Transform Utility

and much more...

Just wanted you and your team know we are loving the 2019 SolidCAM version! The new functionality in the iMachining process is awesome. Your product is making my life easier.

Chuck Berg  |  Command Tooling Systems