SolidCAM and Desktop Metal Collaborate at METAV 2022 Exhibition

We have launched SolidCAM Additive GmbH, at the SolidCAM booth, at the Metav 2022 exhibition, Dusseldorf, June 21 – 24.

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We are providing Desktop Metal Additive Manufacturing 2.0 systems, Studio 2 and Shop, to our SolidCAM customers.

Additive Manufacturing is a serious complement to CNC Manufacturing, and our SolidCAM customers will get Additive Manufacturing systems from us, with our known and guaranteed excellent technical support.

Studio 2 is an office-friendly metal 3D printing in just 2 steps — Print & Sinter. The Studio System extrudes bound metal rods. The Studio System 2 makes it simpler than ever to produce custom metal parts.

The Shop System is the world’s first metal binder jetting system, designed to bring metal 3D printing to machine shops. The Shop System printer features the most advanced printhead on the market, to achieve high resolution 3D printed parts, at a fraction of the cost of laser-based Additive systems. Designed with the modern machine shop in mind, the Shop System is built to fit seamlessly into the machine shop workflow. The Shop System produces parts with superior surface finish and resolution, versus laser-based 3D printing systems.

At the SolidCAM booth at Metav 2022, we have demonstrated the Desktop Metal Studio 2 printer, exhibited here for the first time by SolidCAM. A Desktop Metal Shop system is arriving shortly to our Schramberg Technology Center.

SolidCAM offers today Desktop Metal products in Germany and we will now extend the offer of Desktop Metal systems also to our customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel and India.

Desktop Metal & SolidCAM Press Release:

We are empowering the Future of Manufacturing: CNC CAM + Additive Manufacturing 2.0 = Manufacturing Unlimited!

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