At SOLIDWORKS World 2015, SolidCAM demonstrated their newest iMachining innovations that revolutionize the way CAD models are programmed for CNC machining. Adding to SolidCAM iMachining's patented breakthrough Technology Wizard and unmatched tool path efficiency and speed, the newest version of iMachining features exclusive technology to radically simplify and shorten part programming time.

Our visitors to the booth saw complex parts being programming in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. The booth remained busy during the entire time the "Partner Pavilion" was open and SolidCAM had a considerable number of visitors that stayed for demonstrations of SolidCAM and iMachining integrated in SOLIDWORKS.

With 3 huge displays featuring SolidCAM's iMachining cutting steel so fast, attendees were drawn from all over the exhibit hall. Visitors made numerous comments about how incredibly fast iMachining cuts steel as they watched the 3 huge monitors, and were equally impressed by how fast and easy it is to program even complex parts, while running right inside their SOLIDWORKS design package.

Dr. Emil Somekh, Chief Executive Officer of SolidCAM commented, “For the last thirteen years, SOLIDWORKS World has always been the perfect opportunity for us to debut our newest technology breakthroughs. We get to showcase our ground breaking advancements to both the SOLIDWORKS user community as well as to the SOLIDWORKS team. It also gives us a chance to meet with a wide variety of people in order to advance our understanding of what our customers want, as well as showing the users and the SOLIDWORKS team just how far SolidCAM has come in creating the ultimate integrated SOLIDWORKS CAM solution."