Teximp recommends SolidCAM for the effective programming of various CNC machines!

Teximp is an established family business specializing in the supply of CNC machines and parts, along with a comprehensive range of related services and solutions. They provide tailored support to customers across various sectors through their network of technology and service centers, staffed by highly trained professionals.

With the partnership with SolidCAM, Teximp aims to enhance customer support by offering a CAM software that seamlessly integrates with top CAD systems like SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, and Autodesk. Additionally, SolidCAM's toolpath optimization reduces machine time and costs, providing significant value to their customers.

Experience: With over 42 years of experience, Teximp has a deep understanding of the industry and its requirements.

Technology Centers: They operate 12 Teximp Technology Centers to serve their customers effectively.

Customer Satisfaction: Teximp boasts over 4000 satisfied customers who have benefited from their products and services.

Machine Installations: They have successfully installed 10,000+ machines for their clients.

Employee Strength: Teximp has a team of 200+ employees dedicated to providing top-notch service and support.

Product Range: Their product range includes CNC vertical mills, CNC horizontal mills, CNC 5-axis mills, CNC lathes, CNC multitasking lathes, and CNC grinding machines.

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