SolidCAM blazes the trail for CAM at SolidWorks World 2011

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... even though SolidCAM has been in every SolidWorks world for the last 10 years, SolidCAM’s attendance this year was actually packed full of first time milestones.

For immediate release: February 25, 2010 11:30 am US Eastern Time

Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania-- Even though SolidCAM has been in every SolidWorks world for the last 10 years, SolidCAM’s attendance this year was actually packed full of first time milestones.

This was the first time that SolidCAM was a Gold Sponsor at the event, which came with the distinction of being the only CAM provider at the prestigious Gold Level Sponsor. As shown from the sign posted at the main entrance, this put SolidCAM at the same level of perennial powerhouses Intel and Nvidia.

Dr. Emil Somekh, the Managing Director of SolidCAM commented, “SolidWorks World is an excellent opportunity to get close to both the SolidWorks user community, as well as to SolidWorks personnel. This yields huge benefits in terms of understanding what our customers want, the direction that SolidWorks is heading, as well as showing the users and SolidWorks personnel how far SolidCAM has come in creating the ultimate integrated SolidWorks CAM solution."

SolidWorks World 2011 was also the first public showing of iMachining in North America. Our booth featured two displays showing the incredible material removal rates of iMachining. The overall viewer impressions from iMachining included much amazement and excitement.

To view the video click here.

Bernard Charles, CEO of Dassault Systemes, visited the SolidCAM booth and saw a short demonstration of the power of iMachining.

In another “first”, The Nvidia booth featured SolidCAM in a live display of integrated end to end “Design to CAM” with Travertson Motorcycles. Christian Travert, the visionary owner of Travertson Motorcycles mentioned, “At first, I was a little nervous showing how I use SolidCAM to program my parts directly from my SolidWorks. But as I received so many positive comments from people, who did not know that this could be done, I quickly felt my presentation had a major positive impact on the attendees at the Nvidia booth.”

SolidCAM was also asked (for the first time) to do a technical presentation about the past, present and future of CAM. This presentation, given by Ken Merritt, one of SolidCAM’s Senior Application Engineers, focused on the history of CAM in general and culminated in a discussion of iMachining, the next level in CAM Technology.

Shaun Mymudes, our Sales manager in North America, was interviewed by MCad CAFÉ, to explain the new items that SolidCAM was featuring at the show. Our new extremely affordable, SolidCAM Xpress, iMachining and the soon to be released SolidCAM 2011 were featured prominently in the interview.

SolidCAM once again set the bar by being the first and only SolidWorks partner to distribute 4,000 Demonstration DVD’s that were attached to flyers included in the attendee “welcome bags”. SolidWorks personnel commented on this approach as being both “innovative” and “helpful” for attendees to get acquainted with the power of integrated CAD and CAM.

About SolidCAM

Founded in 1984 by its Managing Director Dr. Emil Somekh, SolidCAM provides manufacturing customers with a full powerful suite of CAM software modules for 2.5D and 3D Milling, High-Speed Machining, Multi-sided Indexial 4/5 axes Milling, Simultaneous 5 axes Milling, Turning, Turn-Mill up to 7-axes and WireEDM. SolidCAM is the leader in integrated CAM and provides the highest level of CAD integration, with seamless, single-window integration and full associativity to SolidWorks. The integration ensures the automatic update of tool paths for CAD revisions. SolidCAM powers up the user’s CAD system into the best integrated CAD/CAM solution. SolidCAM has today more than 15,000 seats installed. The company has been on a very rapid growth path since it implemented its CAD integration strategy. SolidCAM is sold by a worldwide reseller network in 50 countries.

Contact: Shaun Mymudes


SolidWorks World 2011 Main Lobby Sign
SolidCAM’s always crowded Booth
iMachining’s video sparks major interest
Bernard Charles and Emil Somekh at SolidCAM's Booth
Courtesy of Travertson Morotcycles
SolidCAM's Technical Presentation with Ken Merritt
McadCafe Interview