iMachining 3D Reduces Cycle Time for Workpieces in Aluminum by 40% & Stainless Steel by 77%

By using iMachining 3D, Bock and Klingenberg reduced milling times by 40% and 77%.

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Hi Emil,
Bock & Klingenberg (<link http: _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>, a German company from Alfeld, contacted us in October 2014.
The company was no longer satisfied with the CAD/CAM system they used because they were not able to drive well their Hermle 5 axis simultaneous milling machine.
For this reason they were looking for an alternative CAD/CAM system.
At our first appointment we programmed a workpiece which was milled successfully with iMachining 3D.
We installed a SolidCAM trial version for the prospective customer.
During the evaluation phase, Bock & Klingenberg milled several workpieces with iMachining 3D in different materials such as aluminum / 1.4301.
They used milling cutters of our partner company Gühring KG.

By using iMachining 3D, Bock and Klingenberg reduced the milling times for workpieces of aluminum by 40% and for workpieces of stainless steel by 77%.

In January 2015 Bock & Klingenberg placed an order for a complete system SolidWorks + SolidCAM 2D and 3D + 5x simultaneous + iMachining 3D.

Ralf Keiser
Teamleiter Technik Nord
Anwendungstechniker CAD/CAM
SolidCAM GmbH

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