Kingdom Flow Control Co. Reports 50% Cycle Time Savings Using iMachining 3D + HSM vs. Competitor CAM …

SolidCAM recently visited Kingdom Flow Control Co., LTD., to demonstrate iMachining 3D + HSM. Kingdom was using a competitor CAM that needed 5 hours to process the part.

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Hello Mr. Zhang,

Last Friday we visited the customer of Kingdom Flow control co., LTD. 

We used iMachining + 3 Axis HSM to test cut. The result was very satisfactory.  

The customer, using Competitor CAM to process the cavity, needed 5 hrs.

With SolidCAM iMachining 3D + 3 Axis HSM, they only needed 2.5 hrs (50% saving) to process the cavity. 

In the test cut, using the competitor CAM to rough process, the machine spindle speed is below 2000 RPM. Using iMachining 3D to rough process, the machine spindle speed is above 5000 RPM.

While using the competitor CAM to rough during the demonstration, the Kingdom team needed to sharpen the tool 4 times. When they switched to iMachining 3D to rough, they could complete the entire process without the need to sharpen the tool.  

Altogether using the Competitor CAM to rough process needed 74 min - using SolidCAM iMachining 3D to rough process only needed 37 min.

Next step we will make the test cut report to Mr. Wen (Vice General Manager) and discuss the quotation.

Best Regards,

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