Nova Metal Saves 67% in CNC Cutting Time with SolidCAM's iMachining!

SolidCAM visited Nova Metal to demonstrate iMachining 2D on steel.

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Hi Emil,
I visited, together with Ram, our SolidCAM customer Nova Metal to demonstrate <link internal-link internal link in current>iMachining 2D.
Customer: Nova Metal
Material: D2 Steel (4340 steel )
Depth of Cut: 12 millimeters
Tool: End Mill | Diameter 10 | Teeth 4 (WIDIA)
Machine: Mitsubishi 3X


Customer Cutting Time: 3 minutes

iMachining Cutting Time: 1 minute

Cycle Time Saving: 67 %

We demonstrated the module on two parts.
Leonid (the chief technologist) was very impressed with the test results.  
He asked us to open for all his programmers (three SolidCAM seats) the iMachining module for a month, so that they could further test the iMachining module.
Best Regards,
David Gontar | Channel Management
Mobile: +97254-7717247

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