With Patience, iMachining Eventually Wins!

Golan Industries is a northern plant of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). The factory has been producing aviation parts, especially aircraft seats, and has been programming its parts with SolidCAM software for many years.

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The most common material in aviation production at the factory is Aluminum 7075, as well as 6061.

For many years we tried to convince the chief engineer on the necessity of iMachining module for the factory. However, because of the deep professionalism and long years of experience of the chief programmer, who works with SolidCAM and achieves extraordinary results, he was too confident that he does not need iMachining.

But we did not give up and knew that the day of iMachining would come.

Indeed, about a month ago, we were called upon to perform joint programming with the chief programmer, who expressed a willingness to see the capabilities of iMachining again.

The part is made of Aluminum 7075, in size 450-320-90, and was machined with a HERMLE E-C400 machine, with Iscar tools.

The result we got is 80 minutes of cutting time, with most of the programming made with iMachining3D, compared to 120 minutes, performed in the usual processing.

But what additionally convinced the technologist of the factory, beyond the cutting time reduction, was the stability of the machine, while cutting with iMachining, a stable cutting without vibrations, while extending dramatically the life of the cutting tools - a fantastic combination of great benefits!

The factory purchased the full iMachining 2D/3D modules for 2 seats.

- Zvika Friedman

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