SolidCAM Additive

With SolidCAM Additive, we pursue a holistic solution for the manufacturing of 3D metal parts: with the synergy of 3D printing metal components, our leading CAM software and extensive machining know-how, we want to offer optimal solutions, both technologically and economically.

To this end, we have deepened our collaboration with one of the leading suppliers of 3D printing systems. The goal of SolidCAM Additive is the profitable manufacturing and post-processing of metal components from prototypes and small batches up to high volume mass  production.

3D Printed Part Example

Heat exchanger with cooling helix
Dimensions: 83 x 74 x 58 mm
Material: Copper
Cost savings: 82 %

DM Fiber™

Industrial-grade composites, featuring continuous carbon fiber and fiberglass tape for unrivaled part strength.

DM Studio System™

Production of functional prototypes as well as rapid tooling for small batch sizes.

DM Shop System™

Scalable, cost-effective solution for medium-volume end-uses (approx. 10,000 pcs.)

DM Production System™

Mass production - up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of parts per year.

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