SolidCAM's Solid Probe Module

The Essential Module for Tool Setup & On-the-Spot Measurement

SolidCAM's integrated Solid Probe module enables you to do Home Definition (Setup) and On-Machine Verification (Measurement).

Driving your probe on your CNC machine, Solid Probe enables you to do Setup and to quickly and easily measure the quality of your parts right on your machine, without breaking your setup. Solid Probe also provides Tool Presetter support.

Solid Probe provides full visualization of all probe movements in SolidCAM's Machine Simulation, to avoid any potential damage to the Probe tool.

Solid Probe is a must module for every Machinist using Probes

The Probe Module That Does it All:

  • Easy Home Definition and On-Machine Verification - Measure your parts right on your machine
  • Tool Presetter Support
  • Easily select on your solid module the Geometry that you need to measure
  • Supports wide range of Probe Cycles with User-Defined Parameters
  • Fully visualize all your Probe Tool Movements in Simulation

Define Your Probing Operations, together with the Machining operations, right in the SolidCAM CAM-Manager

Define both Probe and Machining operations in the SolidCAM CAM-Manager and even use the same geometry selection for either type of operation.

When your Solid Model is changed, both the Machining and Probe operations are automatically updated to use the new geometry.

Home Setup Definition

Choose from 16 different cycles to easily define your home positions, replacing time-consuming, manual setup procedures.

On-Machine Verification

Measure your machined surfaces and features without transferring the part to a Coordinate Measurement Machine - inspect your part right on your machine, without breaking the setup.

Solid Probe Cycles Simplify Your Measurements

Choose from multiple Probe Cycles to handle your various measurement challenges and provide smooth workflows with SolidCAM machining operations.

Controller Probe Cycles

Use the same geometry as your 2.5D milling operations with full control over tolerances, multiple sorting options and direct preview of cycle movements.

Preset Your Tools

Use Solid Probe's Tool Presetter to check your cutting tools between machining operations and tool changes.

Choose Your Measurement Output

After probing, the Probe Controller documents the results in a Measurement log, that you view onscreen or save to a file.

Post Processor Customization

SolidCAM customizes Post Processors, optimized for your specific CNC machines and probes, providing you seamless operations throughout your entire job.