About SolidCAM

The Solid Platform for Manufacturing

What do we do?

With over 37 years of experience in the development and support of SolidCAM, we have created the most powerful CAM solution that takes your CNC machines to maximum productivity. Today, we are the leading independent CAM company with of more than 250 dedicated developers, application engineers and sales staff as well as a global reseller network all over the world.

Seamless CAM-Integrations

Founded in 1984 by Dr. Emil Somekh, SolidCAM's strategy of integrating with the most popular CAD systems has created tremendous growth and established SolidCAM as the ultimate solution for integrated CAM systems. SolidCAM as a Certified Gold-Product for SOLIDWORKS and InventorCAM, an Autodesk Certified Product, provides seamless, single-window integration and full associativity to the SOLIDWORKS and Inventor design models.

iMachining – Revolution in CAM

Around the globe, SolidCAM is extremely popular for its powerful iMachining module. iMachining – a revolutionary milling technology, provides unmatched time savings (often more than 70% and more in machining time), guided machine settings (using patented iMachining Wizard), increased efficiency, and incredible CNC machine performance in all CNC milling operations.

The Future of CAM

SolidCAM's growth is driven by its unmatched dedication to successful customers and providing the most advanced machining technology in the industry. In addition to iMachining and the incredible CAD integration, SolidCAM also revolutionized how advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type CNC machines are programmed, providing the most incredibly powerful and easy-to-use tools to program even the most complex machines. Recently, SolidCAM radically advanced tool table functionality that directly benefits Advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type applications in a truly realistic graphic simulation environment. SolidCAM has also created a new suite of shop-floor editor and simulation applications directly designed for machine operators.

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Founded 1984 by Dr. Emil Somekh, CEO
SolidCAM – the Recognized Leader for Integrated CAM
SolidCAM achieves SOLIDWORKS Certified Gold-Product status
InventorCAM achieves Autodesk Certified Product status
Launch of the Amazing iMachining Technology (2011)
Recognized as fastest growing CAM software company worldwide
Advanced Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type Module (2020)
New Tool table for Advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type (2021)
New Amazing SolidCAM Simulator (2021)