SolidCAM Simulator

SolidCAM Simulator

The Most Advanced and Easy-to-Use Toolpath Simulation on the Market.

Our new SolidCAM Simulator is a complete rewrite of our existing simulation modes. Taking all that we learned over the past 30 years, we’ve merged all our previous simulations modes into a single Simulation environment. To provide the most flexible Simulation to our customers, we’ve developed a “fully self-contained” simulation, that once launched it can run in parallel while the user is free to make any changes in SolidCAM.

The SolidCAM Simulator can even be launched multiple times, to make side-by-side comparison of toolpaths.

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Previous Simulation Modes are supported through preconfigured Themes. Themes allow seamless switching at any point during Simulation. Create additional Themes that are setup to your liking.

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The SolidCAM Simulator provides a fast and lightweight playback for machines with Multiple Channels. Playback with and without Solid Verification, allows fast review of the full program while evaluating different Sync Mark layouts. Fast to load and simulate, it’s a great tool to use during programming, before running a full Machine Simulation.

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SolidCAM Simulator supports fly-out and embedded graphics into SolidWorks Graphic View. Fly-out is great for Multi-Monitor or Wide screen setups, while embedded offers a seamless graphical experience within SolidWorks. In SolidCAM Simulator the Stock & Target comparison can stay active during playback, to give a real time view of how much material is left during playback.