SolidCAM Toolkit

New. Advanced. Complete.

SolidCAM ToolKit: New. Advanced. Complete.

SolidCAM’s New Tool Table feature, named ToolKit, is a powerful new system that facilitates better tool management and provides major enhancements in Tool definition functionality. SolidCAM ToolKit offers three Tool Library types, each having a graduated level of tool managing capabilities

  • Tool Components Library
  • Tool Assemblies Library
  • Machine Tool Setup Library
Screenshot showing SolidCAM's Toolkit
SolidCAM Toolkit screenshot
Software screen of SolidCAM's Toolkit

ToolKit Highlights

  • Angular holders support
  • Imports any 3D STL milling/turning tool component
  • Supports shaped turning tools
  • Assemble Tool items from library components
  • Define cutting conditions according to work material: the cutter material, work material, and machining level selection affects the maximum cutting speed adjustments, generated by the iMachining Technology Wizard, along with the associated maximum feed rates and spin parameters.
  • Swapping between metric and inch parameter units was never easier.
  • Multiple cutting points: pre-define any number of cutting points (tool offsets) on a single cutter component. [A]
  • All Tool components are linked: changing any tool component may reflect to all projects where the component was used. [B]

A| Multiple cutting points

B| All Tool components are linked

Measure Tool Orientation & Machine Preview

Depending on the turret type, you can measure the tool on a specific spindle orientation, tilting angle, or indexed position and get the Tool offset output and simulation accordingly. [C]

Machine Preview helps you to define and visually check all tools in the machine environment of your CNC machine. [D]