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Connecting buyers with manufacturers all over the world

With thousands of Manufacturers and Buyers in the SolidMetal marketplace, Manufacturers can find the CNC job that suits them, and Buyers can find a Manufacturer that suits their requirements.

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Find the manufacturers that match your requirements and get your parts programmed and machined by our Manufacturers, using SolidCAM – the leading CAM software. enables you to quickly search and access manufacturer company and contact to outsource your manufacturing parts. The SolidMetal Platform is free of charge for buyers, so try it and register now!

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Find the Jobs that suit your workshop capabilities and reach new customers. Buyers from all over the world can give you CNC jobs for your Shop and grow your business. All companies that use SolidCAM for their CAM programming, can apply for inclusion in the SolidMetal Manufacturers Database, provided they are on valid subscription and have the module of iMachining.

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We connect buyers looking for specific manufacturing capabilities with thousands of companies using SolidCAM and our amazing iMachining-Technology. Using iMachining, these CNC machine shops are able to manufacture high quality parts at competitive prices. Register as a buyer or complete your Manufacturer profile and easily expand your global reach. 

— 04 is open to all CNC Machine shops that use SolidCAM for their CAM programming. In order to benefit from our platform, simply register and request to be included in the SolidMetal Manufacturers Database through your MySolidCAM account. However, you must be on valid subscription and have the module of iMachining to do so.

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There are no hidden charges, because for you as a SolidCAM User on valid subscription and with iMachining, your company listing and your quotes on SolidMetal are absolutely free of charge. Note, that also for the Buyers our matchmaking service is free. There are no commissions or fees to revenue made from this service. This marketplace is promoted very heavily by SolidCAM at it´s website, Social Media and on professional and industrial intl. platforms.

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