iMachining Benefits

Increase Your Profits - iMachining Benefits

Increase Your Profits by Greatly Increasing Your Machine Output with Extremely Enhanced Material Removal Rates:

  • Machine deeper for far fewer passes
  • Fully optimized Feeds & Speeds keep the cutter at maximum efficiency
  • Rest-Material (Exact Stock Material Machining) and finish cuts eliminate air cutting and unnecessary tool retracts so you're cutting ONLY what's left
  • Avoid machine downtime - less wear and tear on your CNC results in higher up time, reduced maintenance costs and extended machine life
  • Skip costly machine tool upgrades and new CNC purchases – happy iMachining owners have cancelled many planned purchases of new CNCs
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  • Average Tool life increased by 5 times and more
  • Full depth-of-cut ensures that the entire tool is utilized, rather than only the bottom part
  • Eliminate the cost of premium and specialty tooling for hard materials
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Reduce Your Machining Time with the Efficient Morphing Toolpath and Unique Technology Wizard - The Perfect Strategy:

  • Automatic, optimal Feeds & Speeds eliminate the time-consuming trial and error to find the optimal machine settings - First-part success guaranteed.
  • The perfect tool for even the most seasoned machinist for getting it perfectly dialed in, the first time - or for the less experienced machinist, iMachining will turn them into an expert in no time.

Make the Most Money Possible from Your Existing CNC Machines!