After watching the short period it took to program the part and the great savings that were made in cycle times on the CNC machine, they...

SolidCAM visited Nova Metal to demonstrate iMachining 2D on steel.

SolidCAM recently visited Kingdom Flow Control Co., LTD., to demonstrate iMachining 3D + HSM. Kingdom was using a competitor CAM that needed...

After evaluating the SolidCAM Trial version, Nordwig Werkzeugbau used iMachining to reduce their cycle times by 80%.

By using iMachining 3D, Bock and Klingenberg reduced milling times by 40% and 77%.

...thanks to iMachining, I got the full attention of the manager and they started to envisage to change their CAM System.

Finish achieved was 0.37 Ra Value, which is about half of what was expected!!!

..65% cycle time saving.. Phenomenal tool life.. Excellent finish..

...I used iMachining 2D &3D and the cutting time at the end was 34 min, down from original 80 min, which is far beyond the end user's...

57% cycle time saving in Aluminum part and 76% cycle time in Steel part..