SolidCAM’s engineer used iMachining 2D and decreased their roughing time from 30 minutes to 12 (60% faster) ... cycle time saving for the 400 piece series: 73 hr 20 min..

...excellent iMachining benchmark – saving 72% in cycle time, cutting deep in stainless steel with ISCAR tools..

...saving 72% in cycle time, cutting deep in stainless steel..

..they were shocked and had no words, calculating how much iMachining would save on the 200 part run they must machine every month!

...the director did not expect that you can save so much in aluminum, especially when working on the indexial 4-axis machine.

..the big challenge in this part was the depth, and the need to work with very long tools..

...iMachining of Aluminum at level 8 turbo - owner said never in his 40 years of experience in CNC, did he encounter such high speeds and...

Two iMachining test cuttings at SolidCAM customers in 6061-T6 and 304 Stainless Steel with great savings

..completely different level in toolpath generation than competitor CAM and iMachining has the unique Technology Wizard