SolidCAM at the Ceramics Expo 2015 – Daily Reports

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The SolidCAM Team is at the Ceramics Expo 2015 and is reporting on all 3 days from the show:

SolidCAM at the Ceramics Expo 2015 – Final Day Report

The Ceramics Expo 2015 ended up being an amazing event for SolidCAM. We ended up meeting hundreds of new contacts that expressed their excitement about using SolidCAM and iMachining in their own shops and labs. We interviewed many visitors to our booth who were gracious enough to share their excitement with us. 

We also met with many major players in the Ceramics industry who exclaimed that not only will SolidCAM and iMachining save them money by reducing the machining time and improving their overall processes, but now they also feel that they'll be able expand in different ways. SolidCAM's iMachining will allow them to use their existing materials in new ways and markets, and also allow them experiment with NEW materials in new markets. 

We truly witnessed a new era for the Ceramics industry as we introduced them to SolidCAM & iMachining!

SolidCAM at the Ceramics Expo 2015 – Day 2 Report

It was another great day at the Ceramics Expo 2015!  We were busy all day cutting ceramics in LIVE iMachining demonstrations at the booth.  During the demonstration, we cut a pocket in 7 minutes that normally takes 3 hours! Needless to say, every visitor that joined our demonstrations were just blown away by what they were seeing.
We've also had a visit from all the major players in the Ceramics industry, and they confirmed that iMachining is a major game changer.  This is different from anything that anyone else is doing and they are extremely excited about the technology.

SolidCAM at the Ceramics Expo 2015 – Day 1 Report

The Ceramics Expo got off to an electric start yesterday morning as we had a great crowd to see our LIVE cutting. We interviewed 6 people who were gracious enough to give their opinion of how our Ceramic Cutting could impact their industry. 

We ended the day with at least 15 very interested parties including some major players in and out of the Ceramics industry.

Here are some of the images from the show:


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