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Matt Wilkinson | Rampage Manufacturing

Solidcam does have a steep learning curve, but everyone at Solidcam have been stellar at providing support to get through the questions. It is a night and day difference between Solidcam and Hsm just on the support side. One thing that i hated about HSM is that every time i called in with a question to the reseller, they made you feel like a moron. I have never once felt that way with Solidcam. The guys are great and have always persisted on figuring out issues with programming.

Jordy Wallace | Focus Machining & Design

The support I receive from Jestin in particular as well as all the support staff is phenomenal. You are the only software company I've ever dealt with that always finds a way to do what I need,whether it's by coming up with a work around or just educating me on how to make better use of the program. Support is also always there when I need it, I've never yet had to wait for someone to help. It's the support that has kept me as a customer when I was searching for a new CAM package about a year ago.

Phillip Haag | Radical Firearms

Everyone at SolidCAM Technical Support has been AMAZING!! Every time I have any questions or trouble they not only get it solved, they also go above and beyond and offer advice and help to make my experience at the user level easier. Paul, Kevin, Eric, Greg, and Jestin are truly top notch in every way. Not that an end user wants to have to make technical support calls, but when I do have to I actually look forward to talking to them and learning from them. They have made me a better programmer over the last couple years simply by spending and extra minute or two explaining whatever it is that makes my life and job easier. Thanks so much. GREAT TEAM!!!

Randy Miller | DK International Associates Inc.

Love the software! It's so powerful, like trying to tame a wild tiger!! The posts are great! I have vetted 4 other software's before this purchase. The sales, training and tech support are far above the rest when it came to calling in with an issue. I have not had to wait more than 15-30 min. max for a call back. The support line is open for at least 12 hours a day! And when it comes to IMachining in stainless steel, I can blow away the competition, and my tools last 2-3 times longer!!! I hate to tell too many people about SolidCam as I don't want to lose my edge that I have on the competition!! Good Stuff! Can't imagine what they will do with it next as any more improvements are a treat! I now want a new machine to hook this tiger up too!!!

Ben VanDenburgh | WP Manufacturing

Solidcam as a company is exceptional in their customer service and sales teams and I have never received as much attention and support from a CAM software company as Solidcam! The software is beyond exceptional and is so intuitive and everything makes sense that I actually enjoy sitting down and programming a part again and after 20 years that pretty amazing! What you see on the screen is what you get at your machine and I can't say that any other CAM software I have used in the past has been this excellent!

Michael Haas | Howell Ventures Ltd.

I started 3 years ago into CNC machining with SolidCam, and had a 2 day onsite training with Mark P. within those 2 days I was running programs on a machine, big thanks to Mark and SolidCAM. They're customer service is amazing, and the software is incredibly easy to learn and understand especially if you follow SolidCam University . Greg has been super helpful with our post-processor for Mill/Lathe. Any time I have an issue, I can pickup the phone and talk to a customer service rep within minutes, and they've solved my problems every time. I really like the capability of them login into my computer and show me how it's done. I would recommend SolidCAM to anyone doing serious machining.

Kyle Goraczkowski | Alexandria Industries

I would have to say that whenever I have a question about something I will always get the help I need. one thing that would be nice is if you could rotate or change your Coordinate system without having to reselect the part and just be able to rotate it. we have to do this a lot with switching from one machine to another so it will post out with the right xyz dimensions. so that would be an amazing feature if it could be done.

Kevin Ames | South Morgan Technologies

SolidCAM user for about a year and a half. I have no regrets in going with them for our CAM needs. Their technical support is flat out amazing and the software is easy to use. We have seen dramatic gains in tool life and huge reductions in cycle time compared to coding things by hand the hard way. I feel sorry for anyone that uses someone else's CAM system!

Daniel Sahhar | Axian Technology

I am brand new to the machining world, and within 3 months I was running programs on a machine, thanks in HUGE part to SolidCAM. They're customer service is second to none, and the software is incredibly easy to learn and understand. In particular, Zac Prater has been incredibly helpful when it comes to post work that I have needed. Any time I have an issue, I can be on the phone with a customer service rep within seconds, and they've solved my problems every time. I would recommend SolidCAM to anyone in the machining industry.

Rick Staton | JTE Machine

I can't say enough about how helpful your support staff is, it's very refreshing to deal with the high quality of customer service that you provide. I can already tell we made a great choice buying you software.

Clarence Wilson | Kyocera

I have always found the SolidCAM team to be professional and knowledgeable, going above and beyond expectations to help me with any issues.

Corbin McCall | Maritech Machine

The ability to call and have any programming or post issue resolved immediately makes the world of difference. Service side is top notch.

Jack Stradling | Sunlit Enterprises

I received an hour of training from Mark in April 19th. It was very productive and helped answer more questions than I knew to ask. I would encourage anyone to take advantage of the training when possible.

Joe Richardson | Tecfar

Whenever I am in need of assistance, Jestin has been very quick to respond. He is very thorough in his responses, and is patient when teaching. I am quickly feeling comfortable using the software, and greatly appreciate the help he has given me.

Nicolai Alexandrov | HYPERLINK

Comme toujours… Facile et rapide, Suite à un crache de SolidWorks j’ai dû procéder à une réinstallation complète, et bien sûr aussi réinstaller SolidCAM, J’ai contacté le service de soutiens technique et le problème a été règle en moins d’une heure, (et ce en comptant le download) De plus on en a profité pour mettre à jour SolidCAM…Rapidement tout est fonctionnel sans que j’ai perdu aucune information… settings, librairies d’outils… tout est la comme avant !!! SERVICE EXCELLENT

Ronnie Kidder | Precise Machine

SolidCAM is a high quality cam and cad package coupled with the best service experience. All this at good pricing. I am very happy to have made the switch to SolidCAM two years ago. Thanks to the people of SolidCAM!

Jim ONeill | JWO and Company

I was having a new saving problem / error I never saw before that said it was serious and contact Tech Support. Justin figured it out in a couple minutes. Don't you just love getting updated and finding new problems you never had before.

Brent Bartsch | Fox-1 Drafting & Design

I have nothing but good things to say about both the support and the sales side of this company. Being very new to both solidCAM and machining they are very helpful and more importantly patient with the questions that I have and always spend the necessary time to explain in a way that I can understand

Rick McAllister | McAllister Machining

Absolutely fantastic support team. Friendly and knowledgeable. Fantastic software. I like how the software is upgraded through customer suggestions

Tim Arndt | North Star Battery

I like the clases very much . very informitive, i like the guest programers too, keeps it all very interesting. thanks for the opertunity to learn.

Jacob Knopp | ETI

I had a slight hold up with a taper radius keeping me from finishing the design process. One quick call to SolidCam and they talked me through the proper steps to accomplish what I needed drawn. I now had my part completed and learned something new about our software within 10 minutes. Awesome Customer Support!!

Dean West | Anewco Products

Top rate support, from post processor modifications to technical questions in toolpath

Tim Anger | DMS Inc

Every experience I've had with ya'll has been excellent. Prompt turn around, vast knowledge base, excellent customer service

Ken Johnson | 3D Design and Machine

All going good so far.. Not really back to any CAM work as of yet but hope to be in the next month or so. Still finishing rebuilding house and loading programs on computer. I will be so rusty I will need to start reviewing the Kev classes. Thanks for all the help and consideration.

Carl St-Onge | Blind Apex inc.

Excellent phone support and easy to use software. iMachining is worth every penny!!!

Donald Robison | Superior Energy Services

Paul Johnson was very helpful and knowledgeable about my issue.

Joseph Hesser | Oronoko Iron

Great Cam Software and the Best Customer Service Around anytime I've called has been a great experience

Bob Collins | Tcatdickson

everyone was very helpful, my issue was resolved successfully.

Justin Mayer | Seigler Reels

Always quick to help and get issues resolved fast

Jonathon Jimenez | Nuno Iron

I call customer support a lot due to me being new to Solidcam and i always get the help i need to get me back to making parts.

James Sherrill | General Graphene

Awesome!!! Could not ask for better support at all!

Justin Polinski | Conestoga USA Inc.

It was super!!!!!

Jason Kangas | Twisted Choppers

Great, fast, help. super knowledgeable about the product

Ryan Leadbeater | Spark R&D

Came in one morning after a computer update to find SolidCAM was not opening like it should in SolidWorks. Thinking i was going to have to uninstall/reinstall SolidWorks and SolidCAM and of course having no time to do so i called SolidCAM support first and after a Couple minuets in a GOTO Meeting tech support (Paul Johnson) had me up and running. Fast, and free fix! my favorite.

Jim Collins | W.H. Leary

Eric was extremely helpful with my issue. Not only did he give me a solution to the issue, he gave me hints and other ways to either avoid the problem or correct it. I have always had nothing but positive results when working with any of the people at SolidCAM. That includes post-processor issues and certainly programming issues!

Sam Snavely | Spectra-Mat Inc.

I changed my spindle speed (max increase) and had a conflict with machine definition. Justin helped me do a quick .vmid edit and I was back in business. I forget where all the controls are and it's great to be able to have a quick GoToMeeting with support to get back on track.

Dan Buergel | D&N Prototype

I am really happy with the software, and the customer service of their employees. Eric Middleby has always been incredibly helpful with solidworks and solidcam questions.

Robert Greiner | MASIMO

Thanks guys for the great support.

Jeff Pepp | CTech

Quick, concise service from Kevin Rankl.

Kyle Livingston | Livingston Metalworks

Greg was extremely helpful and answered every question I had.

James Samaro | Metal-Tek Industries

Software works great. It was easy to transition with the provided videos and included training. The customer service is hands down the best. Whenever I get stuck, a quick email or phone call and a SolidCAM rep gets me back on track in no time. That holds a lot of weight when you are one man shop, with one machine and one computer.

Gerald Schaefer | Wisconsin Engines, LLC

Everyone has been very helpfull. Any time I call I always get a knowledgable tech to talk to

Robert Dalton | Lucky 7 Speed Shop

Jestin is always a great help, i am very new to this world and call quite often, doesn't matter who picks up the phone, all of the techs are always willing to help out.

Eric Krug | Krug Consulting LLC

Called with a disaster and Paul was able to quickly get me up and running

Rusty Marschner | Polymer Components

The whole team is always very helpful. Some are more knowledgeable than others, however, they are very quick to get someone who can help if they don't know the answer.

James Reedy | LLC

Friendly helpful service. Thank you.

Ryan Hilton | Rivercity Manufacturing

Paul with the support team not only knows the ins and outs of solidcam, but is always willing to go above and beyond for the customer!

Kevin Lubinski | Peerless Chain

We went from SolidCam 2010 to 2016. I had to call a few times needing help finding and changing certain settings . Great support. I needed to leave a message one time and got the call back in a short amount of time.

Nick Emenaker | NK Machine Inc.

Every Time I have a problem the Technical group answers in a timely fashion.

William Anderson | Lumenium, LLC

We have been using SolidCAM for more than twelve years because the capabilities and support are outstanding. We have some very complex parts (mostly 5 axis) and there is always a straightforward way to generate tools paths quickly that produce excellent tolerances and finishes. The support team is always available and they really know SolidCAM and machining in general -- they are a tremendous resource for us. BTW: Our favorite modules are 2/3D iMachining and HSS. Keep up the good work -- thanks

Shannon Hodgson | Kline Oil Tools

Every time i call the support line the guys are so helpful and nice and i always feel they di their best for me every time i call in. thank you guys so much.

Jake Clark | Custom CNC Machining

Helped me out with all my questions on inventorcam!

Scott Paulk | Alexandria Industries

Technical support has never been an issue with Solidcam!

Zak Zenz-Olson | Rotation Medical

Always very helpful and willing to do what it takes to answers your questions..

Troy Mauller | Advanced Precision Cad Cam

Excellent sales , service and technical support , I wouldnt choose any other !

Frans van der Merwe | Zivko Aeronautics Inc

The team at SolidCam are friendly and helpfull. No mater how dumb my questions or silly my problems, they are always there to get me on the right track. Cheers

Tim Tapert | Integrity Steel

Resolved my current issue as well as a few others

Duane Cole | Scion Aviation

Great Team! Great Support! Great people!

Ricardo Abad | Abad Corporation

Great support from Jestin!

Eric Laughlin | BNB TOOL

service is great no problems

Michael Poluksht | Jroberts

you guys are the best

Nick Miley | Fab associates


Jordan Stark | Stark

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Nicholas Hinrichs | Duke Empirical

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Justin Polinski | Conestoga USA Inc.

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Rex Lord | Straight Line Machine

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Lee Waldrep | Texas Tech University

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Travis Green | Greens Machines

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Tyler Troesser | Trifecta Aerospace

The iMachining from SolidCAM is very powerful. The control over the feed rates and spindle speed is excellent. It works great in hard metals and exotics. However, it may require a few trials in the metal find your maximum cutting angle. Once this is dialed in, you can really increase your performance, and cut exceptionally well where most CAM Systems will fail. It works also very well in conditions that terrible. The rest of the machining options you have is like most CAM software's. Relatively easy to control and modify selected geometry and not having to create excessive false geometry. The tabbing feature could defiantly be improved. this is the weakest part of the CAM software. It does have a tabbing option, but this is mainly for use in wood. If this was better incorporated into this software, it would be one the most powerful CAM software's out there.

Jon Rosemeier | Wolf Tooth Components

I have not had formal SolidCAM training but I have been using it for approximately 7 years now at two different companies. I'm still learning new things all the time. I probably have some bad habits but I have been able to design many manufacturing processes and create many programs that easily exceeded expectations and has led to our company buying many more machines and continue to build our product line.

Michael Priest | Revolution Prototype

tool setup I can't type in a fraction. material setup I have to list each side positive and negative, I can't setup for center. Overall Solidcam is good, just little things are annoying.

Rich Peoples | Duotech Services

Everything is going well.

Jason Shupp | Lynar

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Zilong Zhou | Canadian Railings Ltd.

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Abbey Philip | State Great Valley

Received Edu Donation of SolidCam a year ago. Did not go to install it until this year and installed on a classroom machine with intention of installing it on 7 other machine. License said it was activated already after 1 install and contacted support to find out the license was a network server license. Since we do not have servers here asked for single users licenses and was told donated software only came in network license. Could not install on lab machine as lab machines are wiped every so often and that would wipe the license server as well if I did that. Had to get a server stood up to administer licenses to 8 machines. Support gave me a link to request a new activation key since the old one was installed once already and that machine was probably wiped at some point. Got the new license and applied it to the new server. Now client can see and be activated.