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Subcontractor & Problem Solver

Summira GmbH in Bornheim-Sechtem has a wide range of production equipment - with machine capacities for CNC spark erosion, CNC machining and CNC jet cutting. The company has 28 employees, and has not only established itself as a versatile subcontractor, but has especially evolved into a development partner and problem solver. Since 1991, one supporting pillar in the company foundation has been the CAD/CAM solutions from SolidCAM. Currently, six employees with their integrated 3D SolidWorks+SolidCAM workstations turn the design ideas of their customers as well as their provided CAD data quickly into high-quality products, at competitive prices on the world market.

Longmont Machining: Cutting Edge with SolidCAM

Vesting in a new tooling platform yields high-tech advancements.

An investment, by definition, is putting revenue back into your operations for further growth.  Not long ago, Longmont Machining spent healthy sums on upgrades and maintenance for its traditional CAM software, but Sales Engineer Kevin Curtis thought the company should be getting something more back for this investment. In terms of software, this meant getting innovative features for better visualization and faster performance.