Machine Building

Turkish Gear Box Manufacturer Succeeds with SolidCAM

Using the latest technologies for CNC Machining and transfer lines, YILMAZ REDUKTOR produces low vibrating, silent and efficient gearboxes. Along with its production, the company also does the necessary Research and Development with experienced and qualified engineers and workers. Today, the company is the largest reduction gear manufacturer in Turkey and the Middle East. In 2002, due to the increasing complexity of its parts, YILMAZ REDUKTOR started to use SolidWorks as the standard 3D CAD system for all design applications.

How Stenner Pump Prepares for the Future

In the current economic climate companies are desperately trying to find the keys to survival and growth.   The answer to this question is painfully clear, either “innovate or die” says Bill Harington, Tooling Manager for Stenner Pump in Jacksonville, FL.  Stenner Pump Company was started in 1952, by Gustav Stenner. Gustav was looking for a solution to create bullet-proof, low flow, high precision industrial pumps that would overcome the reliability and accuracy limitations of common diaphragm based pumps of the era.  Today, it is increasingly common for science to look at nature to mimic millions of years of tinkering to build better mechanisms.  Almost 60 years ago, Gustav Stenner was way ahead of his time when he developed a roller and tube pump system that mimics an animal swallowing liquid to create an incredibly durable, efficient and precise peristaltic metering pump.  Gustav Stenner’s innovation and hard work are the cornerstones of what has kept this company successful and known throughout the world as the Industry standard for over 57 years.

Racing Againt Time

The Turkish company BASAR MAKINA has been founded in the year 1961 in Beylikduzu, Istanbul (Turkey) by Yasar Basar. The company started with the manufacturing of machine equipment for the food and textile industry. Later this business has been extended to the manufacturing of complete production lines. BASAR MAKINA has built many of the tea factories at the Black sea side of Turkey.
With the increasing complexity of the products, BASAR MAKINA took the next step by migrating from the 2D CAD system to an integrated 3D CAD/CAM system. After evaluating several systems, the design and manufacturing team finally decided for the combined solution SolidWorks+SolidCAM.

Neumag Saurer

Saurer Textile is the world market leader for turnkey production lines for the textile industry. Its daughter company Neumag Saurer, located in Neumuenster/Germany, is specialized in all nonwoven processes. The customized production lines require the manufacturing of a large number of precise and complex parts, which are machined on 24 different CNC machine tools centers. For the CAD/CAM-Programming, seven seats of the combined  solution "SolidWorks+SolidCAM" have been installed. According to Neumag Saurer the strenghts of SolidCAM are "the sucesssful integration in SolidWorks as well as the ease-of-use and the powerful G-Code generation".