SolidCAM for Mold Machining

Mold making is a competitive industry and its main challenge is short delivery times. In this industry it is necessary to combine excellent toolpath quality with optimal performance.

iMachining 3D for Moldmaking

  • iMachining 3D automatically produces a complete, ready to run CNC program, with optimal cutting conditions to roughrest rough and semi-finish a complete 3D part, with True Scallop on all slopes, all in a single operation.
  • iMachining 3D provides amazing 3D machining results, regularly providing 70% - 90% savings in machining time compared to other systems.
  • iMachining extends cutting tool life dramatically

SolidCAM's HSM module provides the best 3D finish toolpath for any mold or insert part. The result of HSM is an efficient and smooth toolpath, translating to best surface quality.

Benefit from SolidCAM’s Simultaneous 5 Axis with the most advanced control over all aspects of toolpath and collision checking and with a very friendly user interface.

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