SolidCAM Webinars on Working Online


Beginning in April, SolidCAM is presenting a series of webinars for all Staff & Resellers that aim to better utilize the internet for demonstrating and for training customers on SolidCAM software.

SolidCAM will be presenting a series of webinars for Partners & Resellers focusing on Online Demonstration, Training & Sales techniques. Presented by members of SolidCAM USA, these webinars will include presentations on the ways the team in the US work online to offer demos and training. 

The first webinar will be on how to properly demonstrate SolidCAM’s Advanced Mill-Turn and Swiss-Type module. Presented by Darrin Bryant, and using a Tsugami B0326-ii Swiss Machine during the demonstration, the presentation will explain the importance of properly configured posts, Tool libraries and how to manage them, how to configure the setup and much more. 

Mark Pimentel will present a webinar on ‘Training the Customer Online’. In this presentation, Mark will explain how to transition SolidCAM Trainers from on-site training to online training, allowing SolidCAM teams around the world to schedule and complete training sessions faster and easier. 

The third webinar in this series will be presented by Shaun Mymudes, and will demonstrate the ways to work online for the whole Sales process. SolidCAM USA has team members posted around the country that leverage the internet to hold meetings, demo SolidCAM modules for customers and work together with other team members, allowing the US team to keep overhead costs as low as possible. Shaun will show SolidCAM teams around the world how to utilize the internet in similar ways in their processes.