iMachiningはWuxi Turbine Blade Co. でサイクルタイムを60%短縮


SolidCAMのエンジニアはiMachining 2Dを使い、荒加工時間を30分から12(60%早い)分に短縮…

SolidCAM recently visited Wuxi Turbine Blade Co., located in eastern part of China, the city of Wuxi, Jiangsu province, to run test cuts using iMachining 2D and comparing it to competitor CAM processing methods for roughing.

CNC Machine: Local Domestic 3-Axis, Spindle Power 
Material: Titanium (Ti15) 
Depth of Cut: 28 mm 
Tool: End Mill | Diameter 20 | Nose Radius 3

Wuxi Turbine Blade's Previous Cutting Time: 30 minutes 
iMachining Cutting Parameters: Level 3 
iMachining Cutting Time: 12 minutes 
iMachining Savings: 60% Cycle Time Reduction

iMachining’s Technology Wizard automatically calculates the optimal feeds & speeds based on the CNC machine, Tool and Material.  

While using the competitor CAM for roughing, the machine was running below 1000 rpm. When Wuxi Turbine Blade used iMachining, the machine was running above 3000 rpm.