iMachining - The revolution in CAM and CNC machining, launches at EMO 2011

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...already proven as a revolution in the world of Metal Cutting throughout its world-wide pre-release, makes its official unveiling at the upcoming EMO 2011

iMachining from SolidCAM, already proven as a revolution in the world of Metal Cutting throughout its world-wide pre-release, makes its official unveiling at the upcoming EMO 2011 show in Hannover Germany, September 19 to the 24th.

EMO attendees will see firsthand how SolidCAM’s iMachining delivers an entirely new level of metal cutting performance that enables every CAM user to bring 21st century technology right into every machine shop, for nearly all types of parts, machines, cutters and materials.

Expertly guided by the exclusive "Technology Wizard", iMachining users get unmatched shortened cycle times, extended tool life, programming speed and the ability to use even the smallest tools in cutting the hardest materials, right at their fingertips.

Seeing is believing, as iMachining shows all visitors how it can save them 70% of machining time and more, dramatically extend tool life and simplify CAM programming, all in real-time, live cutting demonstrations. <//a>For those looking to join the iMachining revolution, learn more about the ease of use and the real productivity enhancements of iMachining and see actual live iMachining cutting, visit the SolidCAM booth at the EMO, Stand J08 in Hall 25. For live examples of iMachining cutting, you can also visit Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and the SolidCAM website.

iMachining – under the hood

SolidCAM's iMachining differs from and surpasses other CAM-Systems, both in ease of programming and the quality of the toolpaths, generated by its exclusive algorithms. Unlike other CAM systems that leave users guessing at machining parameters like Speeds and Feeds, iMachining uses a patented "Technology Wizard" that guides users through all steps to optimize the production job. With the Wizard, iMachining uses tool length, diameter and number and angle of flutes, together with material and machine properties, to generate smooth morphing spiral toolpaths which ensure constant cutting force on the tool. The calculated CNC-programs avoid parallel and lateral offsets, continuous repositioning and time-consuming air cutting movements like insertion, retraction and withdrawing. The results are significantly higher metal removal rates and also reduced load and wear on the tools and machines. Users enjoy shorter cutting-times for increased machine productivity, longer tool life, better process stability, reduced machine wear and the best surface quality to reduce re-work.

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Emil Somekh, Founder and Managing Director of SolidCAM Ltd. (right) and Mickey Berman (left), Chief Scientist of iMachining technology at SolidCAM, regard iMachining as a “revolutionary leap” for the metal cutting industry .
Live performance: At the SolidCAM booth, J08, in Hall 25, EMO visitors will experience live iMachining and see with their own eyes the incredible performance of metal cutting on a milling center.
Blue Chips: iMachining's Technology Wizard guides the user through all steps to define a fast, safe cutting job. The resulting uniformity and also the blue color of the chips are the hallmarks of correct High Speed Machining and efficient heat removal c
Deep cuts: Whenever possible, SolidCAM’s iMachining calculates toolpaths that use the whole length of the tools' flute for cutting, with matching cutting conditions, ensuring smooth, even cutting forces, at all points along the cut.