SolidCAM Chinaで同時5軸と革新的なiMachiningテクノロジーのトレーニングが成功しました

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SolidCAM China held a successful summer training on Simultaneous 5-Axis Milling and on the revolutionary iMachining technology.

Training was held July 28th - 30th, 2015, at Shanghai. More than 50 people attended the training.  

SolidCAM Sim 5x module has the most tested and proven 5-axis CNC milling toolpaths in the industry, with advanced control over all aspects of toolpath, collision checking and a very friendly user interface.

SolidCAM 5-Axis machining supports all 5-Axis machine tools including Table/Table, Table/Head and Head/Head gantry machines as well as the latest Mill-Turn machining centers.   

SolidCAM's unique revolutionary iMachining technology saves 70% or more in CNC machining time and extends tool life dramatically.

Using its unique patented Technology Wizard, iMachining provides optimal feeds and speeds, taking into account the toolpath, stock and tool material and machine specifications.

iMachining 3D provides amazing 3D machining results, regularly saving 70% in machining time, even reaching up to 90% savings, and extending tool life dramatically.

iMachining 3D automatically produces a complete, ready to run CNC program, with optimal cutting conditions achieved by the expert knowledge based Technology Wizard, to rough and rest rough a complete 3D part, all in a single operation, both for 3D surfaced and prismatic parts.

All participants were very impressed with the revolutionary technology of iMachining. After seeing what it can do, participants were eager to start implementing what they learned on iMachining in their work place and to show their colleagues the great savings it will gain them.