SolidCAM ChinaとTongtaiグループは協力して勝利のパートナーシップを形成

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SolidCAM China's technical manager visited Tongtai Group in Taiwan, and its subsidiaries Quick Tech and Asia Pacific Jingying and held training for their technical engineers. Training was held on June 12th- 28th, 2016

More than 30 engineers attended the training that included SolidCAM’s patented iMachining technology, multi-axis milling, advanced Mill-Turn and Turning.

Tongtai Group’s Application Manager Mr. Lin Wenwang said that "SolidCAM’s advanced technology and revolutionary iMachining together with the advantages of Togtai’s highest quality machines is a winning combination for any factory".

Both companies committed to the partnership and will work together to bring Tongtai’s customers the best integrated solution and technology for programming, together with a great customer service and support.

SolidCAM was founded in 1984 and has over 30 years of expertise in CAM development and applications.

The core strategy of SolidCAM focuses on integration in the leading 3D CAD systems, SOLIDWORKS and Autodesk Inventor. This strategy has created major growth and established SolidCAM as both the leader in Integrated CAM, as well as one of the most powerful CAM systems available.

In 2011 SolidCAM launched the Amazing iMachining Technology. iMachining has created a revolution in CNC machining, providing unbelievable savings and increased efficiency in your CNC milling operations, directly leading to higher profits and greater success.

Tongtai was established in 1969 and started from producing special machines. After ten years of hard work in the south part of Taiwan, Tongtai became the biggest manufacturer of special machines. In the ‘80s following the expansion of Taiwanese economic, Tongtai also started to expand into the international market. In recent years, Tongtai opened around 80 bases for direct and indirect sales overseas, and opened a factory in China, Wujiang in 2003. Using local resources got Tongtai some price advantage and better access to Chinese market.