SolidCAM Chinaは同時5時&複合旋盤のトレーニングセミナーを行った

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SolidCAM China held a successful 2016 summer training in Guangxi. 

Training included SolidCAM's Simultaneous 5-Axis Milling and the Advanced Mill-Turn module. Training was held July 11th-15th, 2016, at Guangxi School of Mechanical and Electrical Industry. Nearly 40 people attended the training. 

During the training, demonstrations were made on a MIKRON HEM 500U machine, supplied by Guangxi School of Mechanical and Electrical Industry. 

SolidCAM's 5-Axis machining supports all 5-Axis machine tools including Table/Table, Table/Head and Head/Head gantry machines as well as the latest Mill-Turn machining centers.    

SolidCAM Sim 5x module has the most tested and proven 5-axis CNC milling toolpaths in the industry, with advanced control over all aspects of toolpath, collision checking and a very friendly user interface.     

SolidCAM's Advanced Mill-Turn module provides easy programming for complex multiple turret and multiple spindle CNC machines, with turret synchronization and full machine simulation. All milling and turning operations, including iMachining, are available for the programming of mill-turn machines. 

At the end of the five day training, participants were satisfied and gave high praises. Special thanks to Guangxi School of Mechanical and Electrical Industry which provided the venue, the machine, and the full support of the teachers!

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