SolidCAM Worldwide Reseller Conference at the EMO 2013

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SolidCAM held its annual Worldwide Resellers Conference 2013 in Hannover during the EMO 2013 exhibition


SolidCAM Worldwide Reseller Conference 2013

SolidCAM had its Worldwide Resellers conference 2013 during the EMO exhibition in Hannover, Germany. It was attended by nearly 100 of our resellers and worldwide staff, from all continents: Europe, APAC, North and South America.

The Reseller Conference was a 2-day event, on Sep 18-19, with the right mix of Marketing, Sales and Technical presentations.

SolidCAM General Presentation


 SolidCAM 2013 and upcoming SolidCAM 2014

Both our current powerful product, SolidCAM 2013 SP3, and the upcoming SolidCAM 2014 version were presented. Our resellers discussed how our current product can beat the main competitors that SolidCAM has today.

SolidCAM 2013 SP3 has more than 100 new enhancements across all its modules: iMachining 2D & 3D, 2.5D Milling, HSS, HSR/HSM, Sim 5X, Turning, Advanced mill-turn for multi-turret and multi-spindle machines, as well as a new module - Solid Probe. The handling of large models in SolidCAM 2013 has been dramatically improved, with immense time savings, due to much faster facet generation - resulting in huge reductions in programming time for big CAM-parts.

The latest version includes major enhancements to the Simultaneous 5 axis module. New tilting options have been added and improvements made to the SWARF, 5X Drill and Convert HSM to Sim 5X operations.

What's New in SolidCAM 2013 Presentation


 Amazing iMachining

A special emphasis in the presentations was the power of our amazing technology iMachining. Presentations were provided on the great success of iMachining sales in Germany and how iMachining is providing us with the best tool for cooperation with CNC Machine Tools and Cutting Tools Manufacturers and Resellers.

A special award was presented to SolidWorld d.o.o from Slovenia for the best iMachining sales ratio per total sales worldwide.

iMachining Success Stories


Awards to Best Resellers Worldwide

Regarding Best Resellers sales worldwide, SolidCAM CZ in Czech Republic was in third place, with the first place shared by DPS from Germany and Tactx from Japan. We congratulate all three companies for their sales achievements.


The attendees were very satisfied with the event and are looking forward for most successful Q4 sales, with the power of our worldwide reseller network and our current SolidCAM 2013, InventorCAM 2013 products and amazing iMachining.

Picture Gallery of EMO Exhibition and Reseller Conference